◆Program overview

The video Archive streaming date and time: from 13:00 on Friday, November 13, 2020 to 23:59 on Saturday, December 5, 2020 (JST)

※AEI members who purchased Live-streaming tickets can also watch archive streaming. Members who don't have a ticket yet, need to buy an Archive-streaming ticket.

※The viewing period varies depending on the date and time when payment is completed.
 Please check the viewing period below and apply and make the payment as soon as possible.

(1) If payment is completed by 23:59 on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 (JST),

Viewing period: November 13 (Friday) 13:00 to December 5 (Saturday) 23:59

(2) If payment is completed by 23:59 on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 (JST),

Viewing period: November 20 (Friday) 13:00 to December 5 (Saturday) 23:59

(3) If payment is completed by 23:59 on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 (JST),

Viewing period: November 27 (Friday) 13:00 to December 5 (Saturday) 23:59

Momoiro Clover Z
Guest:Nagano, Tosa Kyodai, Orakio, Toyomoto Akinaga(Tokyo 03),
MCZ Staff as a guest: Yosuke Tsuge(H.I.P./Concert Promotor), Junpei Sato(MSI/PA), Ossan & Otake (Kind/Hair&Make), Kenichi Sasamori & Ryohei Tsukada (Photographer), Atsunori Sasaki (Film Design Works/Director), Shigeki Kiyono(a play-by-play announcer), Kazuhiro Kojima(Writer), Akira Kawakami (Stardust Promotion)

◆How to watch:
Please see ”How to watch,” ”Recommended environment,” and ”Confirm operation” on the TAPIRS LIVE STREAMING website.
TAPIRS LIVE STREAMING https://live.re-tapirs.com/momoirocloverz_re/

The information is in Japanese. Please use Google Translate or other means of translating.
The login method for the viewing site, exclusively for ANGEL EYES members, will be provided with the Momoclo ticket at the time of purchase.
■ How to watch: https://live.re-tapirs.com/service.html#howto02
■ Recommended environment: https://live.re-tapirs.com/service.html#howto03
■ Confirm operation: https://live.re-tapirs.com/service.html#howto04

◆ Viewing fee (including commemorative goods and shipping): 2,500 yen (tax included) per viewing account
① Momoclo Champion Carnival 2020 replica ticket
② The Momoclo Champion Carnival 2020 acrylic stand
will be delivered at a later date to registered addresses.
* Shipping costs are included in the viewing fee.
* Replica ticket: 1 type / acrylic stand. Select your favorite from 5 types.
* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, delays may occur in the shipment of commemorative goods.
* Overseas sale of commemorative goods alone will not be available.

◆ Ticket sales (Momoclo Ticket)
Ticket sales are from 13:00 on Friday, November 6, 2020 to 23:59 on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 (JST)

(See ①)
AEI members may purchase by credit card only. (We can accept VISA/MASTER/AMEX/DINERS/JCB.) Application for membership is also possible during the ticket sales period.

(See ②)
This Momoclo Champion Carnival Ticket can only be purchased this time with the ”Momoclo Ticket”.New registration for Momoclo Ticket is required during the purchase procedure.

【MOMOCLO CHAMPION CARNIVAL】How to register as a new member of Momoclo Ticket
【MOMOCLO CHAMPION CARNIVAL】How to buy Ticket (Momoclo Ticket Procedure)
* You need to log-in to ANGEL EYES PAGE to read the procedure.

* Purchase is limited to one viewing account per member. To switch your device during viewing, log out from the current viewing device, and then log in to the replacement device.

* Please be sure to check if the test video can be played without problems before proceeding to ”Confirm”.

‐Be sure to check that the PC, smartphone, or tablet you are using meets the recommended environment of the distribution site ”TAPIRS LIVE STREAMING”.
・ We are not responsible for any viewing problems caused by your communication environment.
・ This distribution is a paid streaming distribution. All rights are owned by the organizer.
・ Screen recording, shooting, and recording with cameras, smartphones, etc. are all prohibited.
In addition, if you reprint or share it on a video site without permission, you may be held liable.
Commercial use of live streaming video is prohibited. This includes receiving fees from the audience and streaming live video at restaurants, halls, etc.

Please be sure to read and acknowledge the ANGEL EYES membership agreement, select ”Apply with consent”, and press the confirm button to complete the application.
Members who have completed the application will be deemed to have acknowledged the above.

For further inquiries, contact below:
inquiry_en@momoclo.net <For members outside of Japan>